Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay at the hostel?

You can stay a maximum of 7 consecutive nights at the hostel. There is a limit of 14 days per calendar year. Why? Because we are a travelers hostel! 

Is there free parking?
Free street parking is available out front of the hostel between September 30th and May 15th. After May 15th it becomes residential permit parking only. We have 2 parking permits we offer to guests free of charge on a first come first serve basis.

Metered parking is available on 1st, 2nd and Front street surrounding the hostel and is enforced everyday 8am-8pm. We purchase parking permits from the city for metered spots at $3 per day. We have them available for guests at cost, $3 per day. Please park in the loading zone out front to unload your bags and inquire about parking.

How do I check in?
Check in is between 4-10pm daily but our offices hours are until 7 pm. If you are arriving after 7 pm please notify us of your expected arrival time so we don’t have to keep you waiting when you arrive at the hostel. We do not check in guests later than 10PM, unless prearranged in advance.

The check-in office is in the Longhouse. It is straight back after you come through the front gate. Check-out is by 11 a.m. Please deposit linens and towels in the office and sign out.

What is the best way to contact you?
Our office hours are 9-1pm and 4-7pm. You are welcome to call, text or email us with your questions or concerns. If you are reaching out after office hours, it is best to send an email and we will follow up with you in the morning.
Can I make group reservations at the Santa Cruz Hostel?
Yes, we love hosting family gatherings, student groups, work retreats or just a weekend away! We can accomodate up to 40 guests currently. Please reach out via email for information about booking a cottage and we can help organize your group outing.
What does it cost to stay at your hostel?

Our rates vary depending on day of the week, season, and special events. Click here for current rates and availability.

Do you have quiet hours?

Quiet hours are between 10pm – 8am. Please be courteous to other guests and our neighbors.

Do you have laundry facilities?

Yes, we have coin-operated laundry machines which guests have access to outside of cleaning hours for the hostel. The cost is $2 to wash and $2 to dry. 

Is there public transportation to the hostel?
The main bus depot is a 10 min walk from the hostel. You can take the number 19 bus and it will drop you 2 blocks from the hostel.
Does your hostel have a kitchen?

Yes, we have a great common space with a full kitchen, dining area and outdoor patio.

Is your hostel closed during the day?

No, registered guests have access all day.

What COVID protcols are you taking?

Please see the Health & Safelty page.

Can I bring my pet?
Due to the historic preservation of our cottages, pets can not be accommodated. There is an exception for service animals as outlined by the ADA. Emotional support animals are not able to be accommodated in keeping with the ADA recognized guidelines.
What is your cancellation policy?
The standard* booking cancellation notification requirement is a minimum 48 hours prior to 8 am of check-in date for a 75% refund. 25% of the total is always nonrefundable. No refunds are offered within 48 hours. We recommend waiting to book until you have confirmed your travel plans, as no booking is fully refundable.

Please consider taking out a 3rd party travelers insurance policy as cancellations due to unforeseen changes in your travel plans such as weather conditions, canceled flights, Covid-19, or illness do NOT waive any cancellation fees.

Who can stay in the hostel?

All guests must be 18 or older with a valid government issued ID and a credit/debt card with your name on it. We do not accept 3rd party payment. The credit card or debit card used for payment must belong to at least one of the guests staying overnight in our facility.

Am I allowed to drink alcohol at the hostel?

Beer & wine are permitted in indoor community areas and the kitchen. Liquor is not allowed. No alcohol shall be stored or consumed in guest rooms. We are located in a city park that prohibits the drinking of alcohol in the park.

Can I bring visitors to the hostel?

Visitors may visit for up to 30 minutes in the courtyard or common areas before 10 PM as long as they notify our staff. Visitors are not permitted inside of the cottages for the safety and security of our guests.

Do you have wifi?

Yes, we have wifi throughout the hostel.

Can I store my bags before or after checkin?

Guests can leave their bags in a locker for free, though we do not assume liability if items go missing. Please ask staff to assign a locker, you will need to provide your own lock.